Archived Compliments
Archived Compliments

Archived  Compliments

We are thankful to Property Officer, Ms Star Lim (Property Officer) from Chua Chu Kang Town Council. She is very helpful and did more than what she is required to do so, we really appreciated of her thoughtfulness.

Ms Annie, Resident of Hong Kah North

Thank you for the kind assistance and prompt action from Property Manager, Mr Seow and Property Officer, Mr Koh Yong Ann. We really appreciate it. The residents are very happy that the track are now well lit and feel safe to start their evening activity. Once again thank you to all of you including our MP Mr Zaqy Mohammad and looking forward to working with you to keep our estate clean, accident and crime free.

Mr Mike, Resident of Keat Hong

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by your staff, Deputy GM, Mr Ang Chuan Seng and Property Officer, Mr Ridhuan Sofian. I noted that the repair work was completed promptly. Warmest thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions. I must say the prompt action and service extended by your staff was appreciable. Once again, please keep up the positive attitude and superior customer service.

Mr Tan, Resident of Nanyang

I want to sincerely express my gratitude and thanks to Call Centre Staff, Ms Shanti and two other staff. Ms Shanti answered my phone call. Even though my voice was full of anxiety while explaining my situation, Ms Shanti was very calm and sensitive to my needs. The way your staff attended to me is certainly commendable. Please relay my sincere appreciation to them.

Ms Radiah, Resident of Keat Hong

Thank you guys for your prompt actions. I would like to compliment you guys for your actions as I can see that the situation has greatly improved. Thanks once again and hope we can keep our environment clean and safe to live in.

Mr Steven, Resident of Nanyang

My family and I would like to express our appreciation to the cleaning crew. Our block is always washed promptly and professionally – especially during CNY, the high peak period. Please keep up the good work! Thank you very much.

Ms Karin, Resident of Yew Tee

I would like to give compliment to Property Officer, Mr Ahmad. He called me just now to check on the situation and I have relayed my concern to him too. Mr Ahmad is very professional and I am impressed with his working attitude. Thank you very much for the immediate response and solution. 

Ms Carmen, Resident of Nanyang

The choked drainage had been cleared and the lighting outage along the corridor had been rectified. My family and I are very thankful for the kind assistance. I must commend the prompt actions taken and I am very thankful for the very fast response to my feedback!

Mr Tan, Resident of Chua Chu Kang

I would like to thank Property Officer, Ms Jamie Kho for her prompt response. She went beyond following up on my feedback and took pre-emptive measures. I really appreciate her initiative.

Ms Tan, Resident of Bukit Gombak

We would like to express our thanks to Mr Zaqy and team for helping us to solve the flooding issue at our doorsteps. We have seen a lot of improvements lately with the water drainage, especially during heavy rain; and the flooding had reduced by substantial amount. We really appreciate your assistance and attention to the matter.

Mdm Aisha & Mr Ameen, Residents of Keat Hong

We would like to thank Mr Zaqy and your team for all the efforts that you had done to our feedback when you conducted the house visit at our Blk 254 CCK Ave 2 recently. With the proper tree pruning, our house is brighter and the view towards Tembusu Park has much improved.

Mdm Kamsiah, Resident of Keat Hong

It is my heartfelt appreciation that the Town Council and the cleaners are doing their part in ensuring a clean environment for the residents at my block. Thank you for the follow up, most appreciated!

Ms Lim, Resident of Hong Kah North

A very grateful appreciation to Ms Low for the support, help and time spent on our flat’s incident. Although accidents happened, unintended losses incurred but the support and reactions taken by the management and your fine self have given us a very positive impression and it turns out to be a happy matter at the end. We hold great gratitude for your support and we hope for your continuous management and wishing you a fruitful and flourishing journey ahead.

Mr Pong, Resident of Bukit Gombak

Appreciate the prompt response from Mr Seow and especially the team of staff who came to my place today. They immediately erected a large canvas and covered my balcony from further works. Moreover, they cleared the mess in the balcony from further works. Moreover, they cleared the mess in the balcony which was indeed helpful. I hope the Town Council would see this issue from a learning perspective and probably should look out for residents with similar flat type who are affected by the lift upgrading works. Thanks and well wishes.

Ms Jaynethy, Resident of Keat Hong

The people living in the sunshine court neighborhood and I will be very grateful to Ivan and the involved parties like Town Council and NEA if the mosquitoes conditions were improved from the various actions taken. Although I believe that the mosquitoes may still exist in our neighborhood, but at least they are under controlled and possibly reduced which make us at ease. I’m very satisfied to see that Town Council really took actions to show that they really care for their people. Once again, thank you for your attention and tackling this issue. Appreciate it!

Ms Ong, Resident of Keat Hong