Dear Keat Hong Team, thank you so much for your prompt action in resolving the concern. Very grateful. Appreciate your sincerity in serving our residents.

Mr Benjamin, Resident of Keat Hong

We noticed that bees were visiting my master bed room everyday for a more than a month and this has resulted in myself being stung by the bees. Rizal emphatised with the bees problem we were encountering and quickly arranged for gondola services to hoist the pest control to the affected area the next day. This has resulted in discovery and subsequent destruction of the bee hive. He also regularly called me to update me on the status of the actions taken. Thanks to his prompt action, I am not able to sleep in my bed room in peace. Thanks Rizal.

Mr Chee Tuck Hong, Resident of Bukit Gombak

Dear Mr Cai, Thank you for your prompt help to look into my feedback and for regularly checking the maintenance of the corridor. The corridor have returned to its original state and it is free of clutter.

Ms Lim Mei Chen, Resident of Chua Chu Kang

Hi Alan, I saw the painted wall last night when I reach home, it was a wonderful job, thank you and your team for the prompt action, appreciated.

Mr Yeo Jhih Hwee, Resident of Hong Kah North

Dear Mr Lim Kim Chwee, I have to thank you very much for all the efforts you put in solving the water pipe leaking issue. When I reached home this evening, I found that the area around the water pipe opening is very clean which shows that the soapy water issue has been rectified.

Mr Edward Chan, Resident of Keat Hong

Dear Shanjif, I’ve walk and observed the situation recently, and found that the pathways are cleared for pedestrians, making it safe and convenient for elderly and disabled too. I am appreciative and would like to thank you and your team for the quick response and action taken. Thanks again for always keeping our town areas clean and safe to live in.

Mr Jack Leong, Resident of Hong Kah North

This is to again compliment all the staff who are involved with my case. They all have helped me in getting my father who is 90 years old to get down as the lift was under repairs. Appreciate it if you would convey my thanks to all your staff including the supervisor and cleaners at Blk 15 and the three technical staff from Fujitec who were there repairing Lift A. They have all delighted me and my family with their excellent service and prompt response to our urgent need to move my father. All the best always.

Ms Saerah Binte Yusof, Resident of Chua Chu Kang

Hi Elton, for facilitating the repair work on the air-con ‘hole’ in my master bed room Our appreciation goes to Elton, for his patience and pleasant demeanor in addressing our concerns. He exuded professionalism in not over promising on a solution but reassuring us that the town council would do its best.

Mr Ken Chan, Resident of Bukit Gombak