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It’s Playtime! Have Oodles of Fun at Your Doorstep

School’s out! Time to hit the fun with the kids!

Explore the many different playgrounds in CCK Town.

Venture out and discover themed playgrounds where the children can play pretend all day long—like commanding a fire engine, flying a plane, or pretending to be a farmer or king. Don’t miss out on the three-storey-high structure with twister tubes in Bukit Gombak and the observation tower close to nature in Teck Whye.

Be sure to check these out during the June holidays!


Keat Hong Park, Keat Hong Link

Blk 811, Choa Chu Kang Ave 7

Blk 808C Choa Chu Kang Ave 1

Bukit Gombak

Blk 535, Bukit Batok St 52

Blk 387, Bukit Batok West Ave 5

Blk 531, Bukit Batok Street 51

CCK Estate

Blk 134, Teck Whye Lane

Blk 10, Teck Whye Ave

Choa Chu Kang Park

Hong Kah North

Blk 345, Bukit Batok St 34

Blk 464 Bukit Batok West Ave 8

Blk 463 A Bukit Batok st 41

Keat Hong

Blk 435, Choa Chu Kang Ave 4

The Arena @Keat Hong Blk 411, Choa Chu Kang Ave 3

Blk 407 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3

Residents’ Fave Spots in CCK Town Revealed

We asked and you responded! Here are the results of the most well-loved spots in our town, voted by CCK Town Residents.

Most Beautiful Scenery

The evergreen favourite – picturesque Little Guilin took top spot this category.

Created from what used to be a granite quarry, today, Little Guilin in Bukit Batok Town Park is the haunt of local shutterbugs. It is also a favourite backdrop for wedding shoots, graduation or family portraits.

Little Guilin awashed in autumn colours. By Alwin Saji

Choa Chu Kang Park and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve are the other two hot favourites in our town, which is blessed with abundant nature in urban Singapore.

A fun park with an awesome playground. By Guo Shun

Sunrise at Sungei Buloh’s pretty Eagle Point. By Yong Kuo Hoong

Top Hang-out Spots

Lot One Shoppers Mall may be almost 30 years old, but old is gold in CCK Town as this heartland mall retains the title of residents’ favourite spot to eat, shop or meet up with friends and loved ones.

This heartland mall is unanimously residents’ favourite.

Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre, also fondly known as the mini Geylang Serai of the West, comes in a close second, and newcomer Le Quest Shopping Mall, which opened in end 2020, rounded off the top three.

Lively Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre was among residents’ top 3 hang out spots.

Le Quest Shopping Mall, the new mall on the block, has made the list with its wide array of restaurants and amenities.

Other nominated spots include Sunshine Place, Teck Whye Shopping Centre, as well as the various Community Clubs, markets and coffeeshops in our town.

Best Place to Play or Sweat It Out

SAFRA CCK offers all kinds of fun and sports for residents. By Richmond Liaw

When it comes to residents’ favourite place for sports or play, SAFRA CCK and fitness corners and playgrounds in our neighbourhoods emerge as top choice. The latter is testimony to residents enjoying the convenience of playand work-out spots right at their doorstep. HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok is also high up on the list.

With three playgrounds, fitness corners and sports courts, The Arena @ Keat Hong is a hit with residents

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok looking pretty at dusk. By Aaron Ngiam

Residents getting ready to greet the day at Bukit Gombak Stadium. By Clement Lee

The Arena @ Keat Hong, Bukit Gombak Stadium and Civil Service Club @ Bukit Batok were some of the other notable nominations in this the category.

Congratulations to winners

Our What We Love in CCK Town poll revealed our residents’ most-loved places and showed there’s always plenty to see, eat and do in our corner of this little red dot.

Congrats to all the winners of the poll contest!

The top 5 winners, who walked away with $50 NTUC FairPrice Vouchers each, are:

  • Brickland resident Herdawati
  • Bukit Gombak resident Tan Chin Kwang
  • Chua Chu Kang estate resident Keng GY
  • Hong Kah North resident Nur Shamirah
  • Keat Hong resident Heng Yi Han

The top 10 runners-up, who are each awarded a gift box worth $35, are:

  • Brickland residents Chris Chia & Jacquelyn Tan
  • Bukit Gombak residents Chin Hong Fai & Ethan Lim
  • Chua Chu Kang estate residents Wong Chiew Shiar & Wong Wui Jin
  • Hong Kah North residents Immeran Bin Ismail & Joscelin Soh
  • Keat Hong residents Lela & Ng Gek Meng

Our 3 winners for the bonus questions, who received $80 NTUC FairPrice Vouchers are:

  • Brickland resident BS Chern
  • Bukit Gombak resident Wang Yi Xuan
  • Keat Hong resident Wong Suat Li

Find out more about where and what they love to do in CCK Town in our next story!

Get Fit & Fab at These 24/7 Gyms

-right in your estate!

Get moving & improve your quality of life! Exercise can improve your health, reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and make you happier.

There is no need to pay monthly fees to join a gym.

Simply step out and hit the free outdoor gyms at your doorstep. They are open 24/7!

Whether you are a HIIT fitness buff looking for your next intensive workout, or a senior seeking equipment for gentler workouts, there is something for everyone.

With playgrounds situated alongside many of these fitness corners, they make great spots for intergenerational fun too!

Check out this selection of 24/7 fitness corners across the 5 estates in CCK Town!

BricklandBlk 489B, Choa Chu Kang Ave 5

Blk 808D, Choa Chu Kang Ave 1

Blk 815, Choa Chu Kang Ave 7

Bukit GombakBlk 542, Bukit Batok St 52

Blk 531, Bukit Batok Street 52

Blk 513, Bukit Batok Street 51

CCK Estate Blk 159 Jalan Teck Whye 

Blk 229, Choa Chu Kang Central

Blk 161B, Jalan Teck Whye

Hong Kah North

Blk 413, Bukit Batok West Avenue 4

Blk 337, Bukit Batok St 34

Blk 463A, Bukit Batok St 41

Keat Hong

The Arena @ Keat Hong, Blk 411, Choa Chu Kang Ave 3

Blk 483, Choa Chu Kang Ave 5

Blk 438, Choa Chu Kang Ave 4

Brickland Leads the Way to Get Greener

My First Skool preschoolers celebrate the launch of Brickland’s Sustainability Corner with a dance encouraging everyone to love the environment.

More Recycling Bins

Residents can now recycle textiles and home appliances at the new Sustainability Corner in Brickland estate at Block 817C, Keat Hong Link.

First upcycled seats from Float@Marina Bay

Remember to check out the old Float@Marina Bay seats, which have been upcycled to become community seats in the Sustainability Corner. The early childhood education centre, My First Skool, is right next to it. The seats will certainly be well-used by the preschoolers and their parents daily as they enter and leave school.

Brickland is the first housing estate in Singapore to receive nine upcycled seats dismantled from the decommissioned Float@Marina Bay. Residents in other parts of CCK Town can look forward to getting these historic community seats soon in your estate.

(From left) Preschoolers Leong Rong En Caius, Yu Wanxuan, ⁠Muhammad Alfarizqi Arfan Bin Anuar & Arielle Tan Yin Xuan enjoying the upcycled seats with Brickland MP Don Wee as they learn about upcycling.

Fun at Sustainability Festival

Launched during the Brickland’s Sustainability Festival held on 5 April 2024, Brickland’s Sustainability Corner is the latest initiative to encourage residents to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The annual Festival, spearheaded by MP Don Wee, also CCK Town Sustainability Champion Advisor, lets residents get together once a year to learn more about how to adopt greener practices in their daily lives.

The children eagerly helped plant trees and shrubs to green the estate.

This year’s event saw My First Skool preschoolers accompanied by their teachers and parents, students from the Institute of Technical Education College West, and corporate and community partners planting trees and shrubs, painting a wall mural, and designing their own terrariums.

The mural, featuring tanks and soldiers, is a nod to the estate’s past as the location of Keat Hong Camp for army training.

Madam Suriani Mohd Bakri (below, left), mother of 6-year-old Nur Maisarah, said she liked the terrarium workshop because it taught the kids how to care for the plants.

ITE College West student Titus Lim, who guided the children at the terrarium workshop, said: “I feel that this event is fruitful for residents and the environment because it gives the residents a sense of achievement and belonging.”

As Ms Shareen Ng, principal of My First Skool, put it: “When we collaborate with the community to do things like tree planting, creating terrariums, painting a mural and learning about upcycling, it allows us to participate in the sustainability journey. I think it also opens up our perspective on the whole idea of sustainability.”

SG Clean Day on Sunday, 28 April 2024

Residents of Chua Chu Kang Town, lend us a hand in support of the quarterly SG Clean Day on Sunday, 28 April 2024. 

Show respect to our shared spaces by picking up after ourselves and binning our trash responsibly!

Together, let’s create a cleaner and safer Chua Chu Kang Town for all!

Know Your Enemy: Dengue Myth Busters

Find out how to beat dengue which is spread by Aedes mosquitoes.

Source: NEA

Besides doing the National Environment Agency’s B-L-O-C-K mozzie wipeout, arm yourself with some of these lesser-known facts to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your home.  Protect your family now!

Aedes mosquitoes can bite at night too

The Aedes mosquito is most active during daylight hours, with peak biting periods about 2 hours before sunrise and just after sunset. Spray yourself with insect repellent to protect yourself from being bitten.

Do note that in Singapore’s highly urbanised environment, the Aedes mosquito has been observed to have adapted to artificial lighting and can bite at night as well! So don’t forget your repellent even when going out at night or even when you are at home.

Dengue reinfection is possible

Though recovery from a dengue infection is believed to provide lifelong immunity, it is possible to get dengue up to 4 times as there are 4 different strains of dengue virus circulating in Singapore.

A second infection becomes more dangerous as it carries a higher risk of developing severe dengue, which can be fatal.

DenV-1 and DenV-2 have been the most dominant virus strains up to recent years. But since 2021, there has been a spike in the number of DenV-3 and DenV-4 infections.

Due to the low immunity among Singaporeans for these less common strains, the risk of infection is thus much higher.

Scrub your containers to dislodge any stray mosquito eggs

When you empty your wet containers, make sure you not only throw away the water but also do a thorough scrub to remove any mosquito eggs.

Aedes mosquito eggs can stick onto the walls and floors of wet containers even after they have been emptied. These eggs can survive on dry surfaces for several years, so the next time the container gets refilled with water, the eggs can hatch and grow into adult mosquitoes!

The Aedes mosquitoes need water as small in volume as a 20-cent coin to breed. Do your bit to remove sources of stagnant water in your homes and break the chain of dengue transmission. Protect yourselves and your loved ones by doing the B-L-O-C-K Mozzie wipeout today!

Tell Us Your Fave Spots in CCK Town & Win!

Take part in the “What We Love in CCK” poll by 31 March 2024 here now! 
Have you been to CCK Town’s “tank” playground? It’s a fun reminder of Keat Hong estate’s past as a military camp.

Share with us the spots you love most in CCK Town to shop, dine, play/workout, & get rewarded!

18 prizes are up for grabs in our “What We Love in CCK” poll:

  • 5 top winners: $50 NTUC FairPrice vouchers
  • 10 runner-up prizes: Gift box worth $35
  • 3 prizes for bonus question(s): $80 NTUC FairPrice vouchers

Winners for the top 5 and 10 runner-up prizes will be selected randomly from all eligible entries received.

For the “fondest memory” bonus question, the most interesting and vivid memory will win. For the “must-see places and activities ” bonus question, winners will be selected based on the originality, practicality, and clarity of their recommendations.

You could be a lucky winner!

See terms & conditions here.

Photo: Gina Ng

Photo: Clement Lee

Photo: Bryan Goh

CCK Town Fun Facts

Did you know that Singapore’s strongest rock is found in our very own Little Guilin in CCK Town? This well-loved spot and a favourite subject of our resident shutterbugs is home to norite, a type of rock that is 10 times stronger than concrete!  

Norite was mined from the former Gammon Quarry, which fell into disuse by 1984, and a year later, HDB decided to convert it into a park.  

Locals called it Little Guilin because the rock formations remind them of the beautiful and tranquil scenery of China’s famous karst mountains in Guilin.

With the highest point standing at 133m, Little Guilin is also the Republic’s second tallest hill after Bukit Timah Hill.

Photo: Joyce Lau

Follow these 3 Cs for a Sustainable CNY

As you gear up for Chinese New Year, here are 3 Cs that can make your Year of Dragon a more sustainable one!

Chuck it right

Check how and what items can be recycled in the various types of recycling bins available.

The Bloobins near your block accept paper, plastic, glass and metal items for recycling. Remember to clean your items before disposing them. To check the list of accepted materials for recycling, click here.

Bloobins do not recycle electronics (like old TVs, computers, laptops). Instead, place e-waste into dedicated e-waste bins.

For items like preloved clothes, consider donating them if they are in good condition, or recycle them in textile recycling bins. Cloop has a bin in CCK Town at Lot One. See the full list of locations here.

Conserve & reuse

Get your family involved in making CNY decorations. Turn your old or used red packets into Chinese New Year decorations like these origami cherry blossoms (pictured below).

There are plenty of YouTube videos to guide you on how to use red packets to make origami paper dragons, lanterns and many more.

Not the crafty sort? Not to worry, you can drop off your used red packets at dedicated recycling bins found at CCKTC main office, CCKTC branch office, Keat Hong Community Club, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, and more. See the full list of locations here.

Conscious consumption

Food waste is one of the biggest waste streams in Singapore, accounting for about 11% of all waste.

Help to reduce food waste in 2024 by making sure you consume just enough.

Resist overbuying and plan to get just enough of CNY goodies like cookies, bak kwa and mandarin oranges to mark the occasion.

If you’re hosting a meal, cater for 10 to 15% less than the number of expected guests to minimise any leftovers.

With fast fashion being the world’s second most polluting industry, consider mixing and matching your current wardrobe to create new outfits that are both chic and eco-friendly.

Get ready for an eco-Year of the Dragon!

SG Clean Day on Sunday, 28 January 2024

Residents of Chua Chu Kang Town, lend us a hand in support of the quarterly SG Clean Day on Sunday, 28 January 2024. 

Every small action makes a big difference, so let’s refrain from littering and clean up after ourselves to keep SG clean!

Together, let’s create a cleaner and safer Chua Chu Kang Town for all!

Festive Period Spring Cleaning – Removal of Bulky Items

Dear Residents,

With the festive period coming up, Chua Chu Kang Town Council would like to help our residents with their spring cleaning efforts by upgrading our free bulky items removal service.

From 22 Jan to 9 Feb 2024, all bulky items that are left at the designated areas at the void deck will be collected daily by the Town Council. There will be signage at the void deck to point out the designated areas. There is no cap on the number of things you can discard during this period.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Town Council at Tel: 6569 0388 or

Wishing all our residents a Happy Chinese New Year ahead!

* Please note that the service is strictly not applicable for house moving purposes and/or for renovation debris.

Eco New Year Resolutions: Let’s Get Net Zero

Charge ahead in 2024 with a more sustainable lifestyle by: 

  • Cycling or walking instead of driving
  • Using energy-efficient options like LED lights
  • Choosing solar-powered devices over battery-operated ones

Residents Revved Up to Go Net Zero

Brickland resident Shenbaga Kumar taking a wefie with his wife Natarajan Rajeswari.

15 lucky CCK residents got to visit Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm (pictured below) in November 2023, under an exclusive collaboration between CCK Town Council and Sembcorp.

This farm, one of the largest of its kind in the world, is in our CCK Town.

It was an eye-opening experience for the residents to see this farm up close and learn how it harnesses energy enough to power up some 16,000 four-room flats for one year!

Residents were excited to get up close and personal to the floating solar farm, which is rarely open for public visits.

Keat Hong resident Leong Ai Kuen, felt a strong sense of pride in learning how much Singapore has invested in the green energy space and that one of the world’s largest inland floating solar farms is located in the Republic.

Installed over water, these solar panels have a higher energy yield compared to conventional systems installed on rooftops.

For Delfinn Tan, a resident of Hong Kah North, it was heartening to know the panels did not have as large an impact on the ecology of the reservoir as she thought they would.

As the farm is not open to the public, Keat Hong resident Sreeraj Choorakad said he was glad he managed to snag a seat on the tour.

“Everyone should be interested in sustainability because we need to ensure that the Earth is still around for the next generations to come,” said the engineer.

On a smaller scale, residents said everyone can play a role by adopting more sustainable habits in his or her day-to-day lives.

Delfinn does her bit by washing and recycling plastic containers for takeaway food, whereas Bukit Gombak resident Ng Chee Wee does his bit by taking the stairs instead of the lift to save electricity.

He said it kills two birds with one stone by not only helping him stay fit but also go green.

At the end of the  visit, Delfinn summed up the experience for her fellow visitors by saying: “This was a unique opportunity for residents to come here and see one of the largest floating farms in Singapore. We are all happy and pleased to see Singapore doing more and more in the renewable energy space.”

Some of the lucky residents who snagged a seat on the tour. From left: Delfinn Tan, Danielle Tan, Natarajan Rajeswari, Shenbaga Kumar, Bryan Goh, Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy and Ameer Jaffer

From left: Leong Ai Kuen, Lee Kok Hoong, Seema Sreeraj, Sreeraj Choorakad, Ng Chee Wee, Ng Hang Lay and Ng Shukie

Happy 2024, CCK Residents! A Better, Improved CCK Town Coming Your Way

Happy New Year to all CCK residents!Photo: Clement Lee

Look forward to stepping into 2024!

CCK Town is getting a fresh upgrade as part of HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) programme.

In the pipeline are more cool spaces for residents to relax, get together and keep fit, as well as better connectivity with an integrated transport hub.

In addition, we will continue to roll out the slated enhancements for your estate as part of the CCK 2020 Masterplan.

Here are just some of the many improvements in store for you!

Brickland gets more sporty

New streetscapes and green roofs, as well as more community spaces for you to mingle at Keat Hong Shopping Centre.

Look forward to new amenities like the Brickland Sport-in-Precinct, which when completed in 2025, will give residents a basketball court, as well as playground and fitness corner.Artist’s impressions of the new fitness corner and children’s adventure playground

Chua Chu Kang gets multi-generational

Under HDB’s ROH, CCK estate is getting a multi-generational community space at Teck Whye Shopping Centre, complete with fitness facilities and play areas.

CCK Park will have a new play garden, improved community and landscaped spaces.

Residents can also look forward to a new children’s cycling trail, covered basketball court and beautiful scent garden under the upcoming NRP (for Blocks 201 to 221 & 223 to 239 CCK Central/CCK Ave 1).

Artist’s impressions of the covered basketball court & children’s cycling trail

Friendlier streets in Bukit Gombak & Hong Kah North

Enjoy your walks amid safer streets in your estate.  LTA’s Friendly Streets initiative will turn Bukit Batok Streets 31 to 33, as well as stretches along Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 and Bukit Avenue East Avenue 5 into pedestrian-friendly spaces.

More barrier-free crossings, traffic-calming measures (like road humps and speed bumps to slow down traffic) will be introduced to make safer and more inclusive streets. New signalised pedestrian crossings with longer crossing times will better cater to the needs of the young and old. In addition, new visual signs will alert motorists to look out for seniors and young kids.

Keat Hong gets greener

A giant adventure playground, a basketball court, and a jogging track are some of the new amenities planned for Tembusu Park under HDB’s ROH. Residents can also look forward to the transformation of Keat Hong Park into a green activity hub with facilities for all ages.

Under the upcoming Neighbourhood Renewal Programme, residents of Blocks 429 to 441 and 429A at Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 will get a boost in eco living with permeable garden pathways and park benches made of recyclable materials courtesy of Ngee Ann Polytechnic students

More enhancements are in the pipeline, including repainting works and another upcoming NRP at Blocks 271 to 295 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2/3.

Residents can look forward to new facilities, such as linkways, extended corridors and drop-off porches under the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme at Blocks 271 to 295 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2/3

These improvements would not have been possible without our residents’ input and suggestions. So keep your ideas coming!

CCK Town Council is committed to creating a better home for you. Let’s co-create a lovely CCK Town together! Wishing you a joyous and eco-friendly 2024!


Winners Show Off – Greener, Better Living in CCK Town

CCK Town has it all — beautiful nature, eco-friendly practices & spaces, and fun and family-friendly spots.

Check out our CCK Town 2024 Calendar, which is coming to your mailboxes soon. Let the 12 winners of our photo contest show you the greener, better life in this north-western part of Singapore!

1st prize ($400 NTUC FairPrice vouchers & Fujifilm Instax Mini Smartphone Printer worth over $200): Julien Kho (Brickland)

Julien discovered this ‘secret’ in CCK. Her winning entry features this enchanting, otherworldly shot of Teck Whye that clinched the first prize.The 41-year-old business development manager moved into Brickland in 2016.  On her regular jogs to keep fit, she chanced upon beautiful scenes that transported her into “a secret garden”. Her winning entry captured a lush spot in the park connector near Junction 10. It was so pretty that she stopped in her tracks to snap the ethereal shot.

Her sons, Rico, 9, and Rayden, 7, are so pleased with her win that they have told their friends to look out for their mum’s photo in the 2024 calendar! Julien, with her sons Rico and Rayden, receiving her prize from Brickland MP Don Wee.

2nd prize ($300 NTUC FairPrice vouchers & Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Holiday Travel Kit, worth $160): Fong Nam San (Keat Hong estate)

Nature thrives in urban Singapore, proves retiree Nam San, whose serene photo of an egret enjoying its breakfast in Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.   
The 64-year-old said capturing it was a serendipitous moment. He had gone to Sungei Buloh with a group of friends to try to capture some nature shots. He spotted the egret on its hunt for food and followed it to see if the bird got lucky.

He said that the bird caught a fish after 10 to 15 minutes! And immediately after he took that single snap, it flew off. So, besides the egret, Nam San got lucky too! Nam San receiving his prize from Keat Hong MP Zhulkarnian Abdul Rahim.

3rd prize ($200 NTUC FairPrice vouchers): Bryan Goh (CCK estate)

Heartland celebrations are just as fun, as real estate agent Bryan proves with his splendid photo of fireworks over Teck Whye during the Dao Bu Keng Temple’s Nine Emperor Gods festival. The hobbyist photographer, who won the first prize last year with his sunrise shot of Little Guilin, is constantly looking for interesting ways to capture the beautiful town he lives in. He’s succeeded again this year!

4th to 12th prizes ($50 NTUC FairPrice voucher each) in random order:

Yong Kuo Hoong (Hong Kah North) wows with his sunrise over the mudflats of Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.Goh Juan Yap (Keat Hong) surprises with his colourful parakeets, enjoying some fruits on a tree.Toh Shu Hao (Bukit Gombak) captures residents enjoying a brisk walk or jogging in the Rail Corridor while curious monkeys watch on.Su Ng (Bukit Gombak) fondly remembers this view of Hillview Community Centre.Leong Chee Kong (Bukit Gombak) captivates with his view of the moon rising and peeking through the tree in Goodview Gardens.Muhammad Hidayat bin Sudin (Hong Kah North) highlights how Singapore is a garden city with plenty of greenery among HDB flats.By capturing this ray of light amidst the flat and rooftop garden, Saif Rayyan (Brickland) reminds everyone to look at the brighter side of life.Seniors are leading the way towards healthier living at Bukit Gombak Stadium, as captured by Tan Hui Sian (Bukit Gombak).Tan Wen Jin (CCK estate) offers an unusual bird’s eye view of the rooftop garden at Teck Whye View.

2023 Hong Kah North Tree Planting Day




2023 Chua Chu Kang Tree Planting Day