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Brickland Leads the Way to Get Greener

Brickland Leads the Way to Get Greener

My First Skool preschoolers celebrate the launch of Brickland’s Sustainability Corner with a dance encouraging everyone to love the environment.

More Recycling Bins

Residents can now recycle textiles and home appliances at the new Sustainability Corner in Brickland estate at Block 817C, Keat Hong Link.

First upcycled seats from Float@Marina Bay

Remember to check out the old Float@Marina Bay seats, which have been upcycled to become community seats in the Sustainability Corner. The early childhood education centre, My First Skool, is right next to it. The seats will certainly be well-used by the preschoolers and their parents daily as they enter and leave school.

Brickland is the first housing estate in Singapore to receive nine upcycled seats dismantled from the decommissioned Float@Marina Bay. Residents in other parts of CCK Town can look forward to getting these historic community seats soon in your estate.

(From left) Preschoolers Leong Rong En Caius, Yu Wanxuan, ⁠Muhammad Alfarizqi Arfan Bin Anuar & Arielle Tan Yin Xuan enjoying the upcycled seats with Brickland MP Don Wee as they learn about upcycling.

Fun at Sustainability Festival

Launched during the Brickland’s Sustainability Festival held on 5 April 2024, Brickland’s Sustainability Corner is the latest initiative to encourage residents to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The annual Festival, spearheaded by MP Don Wee, also CCK Town Sustainability Champion Advisor, lets residents get together once a year to learn more about how to adopt greener practices in their daily lives.

The children eagerly helped plant trees and shrubs to green the estate.

This year’s event saw My First Skool preschoolers accompanied by their teachers and parents, students from the Institute of Technical Education College West, and corporate and community partners planting trees and shrubs, painting a wall mural, and designing their own terrariums.

The mural, featuring tanks and soldiers, is a nod to the estate’s past as the location of Keat Hong Camp for army training.

Madam Suriani Mohd Bakri (below, left), mother of 6-year-old Nur Maisarah, said she liked the terrarium workshop because it taught the kids how to care for the plants.

ITE College West student Titus Lim, who guided the children at the terrarium workshop, said: “I feel that this event is fruitful for residents and the environment because it gives the residents a sense of achievement and belonging.”

As Ms Shareen Ng, principal of My First Skool, put it: “When we collaborate with the community to do things like tree planting, creating terrariums, painting a mural and learning about upcycling, it allows us to participate in the sustainability journey. I think it also opens up our perspective on the whole idea of sustainability.”