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CCK Town Took Time to Appreciate Cleaners

It was a busy April for CCK Town residents — young and old — who made effort and took time to thank the town’s estate cleaners.

From acts of care like picking litter to making gifts of appreciation, the town’s cleaners certainly felt our town’s love in this second run of the annual Appreciate Our Cleaners initiative.


Kids Take the Lead

Pupils across all levels of 4 PCF Sparkletots @ Chua Chu Kang centre honoured the town’s cleaners through various events and activities.

Teck Whye Ave Blk 3’s preschoolers took part in a litter-picking drive near their school compound, and even got into an impromptu Zumba session with the cleaners.

Their teacher Trixie Dagatan said the activity helped to inspire the children to upkeep and promote cleanliness in their neighbourhood. It was also a chance for them to learn the proper way to sort different types of waste, and how that enhances sustainability.

Over at Blks 19 and 123 Teck Whye Lane, the preschoolers expressed their appreciation by creating dedicated appreciation walls to thank the estate cleaners.

Teacher Jenny Obeso Bantolinao said the kids of Blk 123 turned shoeboxes into creative 3D art as part of their lessons on the importance of recycling. Parents were also roped in to help their children pen appreciation notes for the cleaners.

Over at the centre in Blk 19, the children were asked to brainstorm ideas of how they could do their part to keep the environment clean and make the cleaners’ jobs easier,

Preschoolers from Blk 10 Teck Whye Ave held a mini-exhibition where the children showed off their models of buildings made of recycled materials. At the event, MP for CCK, Minister Gan Kim Yong also presented hampers of appreciation to the cleaners.

The children enjoyed themselves learning all about being clean and green. K2 preschooler Emma Ho, age 6, from Blk 123, said: “I will help to pick up litter next time I see it on the floor.”

“We must tie our plastic bags before throwing them into the rubbish chute,” said 6-year-old Zayn Ebraar,  K2 student at Blk 123.


Care Packs for Cleaners

The children, of course, are not the only ones appreciative of the cleaners in CCK Town. CCK estate resident Jane Tan got together with 3 other families to buy and present care packs to 20 cleaners in Teck Whye.

The 45-year-old IT specialist said they decided to do this in the run-up to the Easter weekend to show love and care to others in the community. The 7 children among them, aged 2 to 14, packed the care packs with snacks and daily necessities and also made Thank You cards.

Jane said: “We tried to explain to the children what we were doing and they were quite excited. I think it’s a good start to get them to understand that we don’t live in our world but we also need to think of others.”

Breaking Fast & Showing Residents Care

With restrictions to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic gradually lifted, various other activities were held too.

Vice-chairman of CCK Town Council and MP for Keat Hong Zhulkarnian Abdul Rahim held an ‘iftar’ (break fast) session with town council staff and cleaners to mark the Ramadan.

Over at Hong Kah North, Adviser Amy Khor joined residents and cleaners to pick litter.

And in Brickland, fast-food giant McDonald’s Singapore presented Brickland cleaners with a complimentary meal voucher. 

As preschooler Annasofia Damia, age 5, of the PCF Sparkletots at Blk 19 Teck Lane succinctly puts it: “We must thank and appreciate the cleaners because they clean for us, and make our environment so clean and so beautiful.”