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CNY Spring Cleaning Hacks: The Eco-Friendly Edition

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, this is the time when many Chinese families embark on their spring cleaning.

As you get rid of the old and welcome the new, here are some tips to help you declutter while doing your bit for Mother Earth.

Keep — only if the item is in use

Rule number 1: Items are worth keeping only if you use them regularly.

Anything you have not used or touched for the past 2 years, it makes good sense to clear them away.

That doesn’t mean they are destined for the rubbish chute which will contribute to the landfill!

For things that are still in perfectly good condition, consider the next two steps.

Give or donate items in good condition

Items such as old bedding, toys or clothes that are still in good, useable condition can be donated or given away on Carousell or to established charities such as The Salvation Army.

Newcomers like Green Square or Cloop take in old textiles and even old shoes and bags as part of their bid to help consumers move towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

There are also many Facebook groups such as 1st Dibs Zero Waste Community or Singapore Neighbourhood Freecycle 2 where participants give away items.

You can even donate used clothing at fast fashion retailers. H&M, for instance, collects clothes from any brand in any condition under its Garment Collecting Programme.

Recycle items & give them a second life

As you spring clean, do your bit for Mother Earth by recycling paper, plastics, metals, or glass products. Items made from these 4 materials can all be conveniently disposed into the blue recycling bins near your block.

#RecycleRight by taking these 3 steps: Check, clean & recycle.

Check the blue bin’s label to confirm your items are suitable for recycling- here’s a list of what is recyclable or not.

Do not toss toys, clothes, e-waste or bulky furniture into these bins.

Clean your toiletries/detergent bottles, jam jars and other food containers before recycling. Dumping wet, greasy or food-contaminated items may dirty other items in the bin and render them un-recyclable.

Recycle by dropping them into the blue bin.


Throw away if items are broken or cannot be recycled or given away

Finally, for items that cannot be salvaged, off they go into the bin.

To dispose bulky items, you should contact the Town Council at 6559 0388 to book a time and date at least 3 days in advance. This free service is provided by the CCK Town Council and each HDB household can request for removal of up to 3 items per month.

With the upcoming festive period, the Town Council will be providing an additional service to assist residents in their spring-cleaning efforts. From 1 January to 31 January 2023, residents will also have the option to leave their bulky items at designated areas at their void decks for removal. This service excludes renovation debris and large furniture or items such as 3-door wardrobes, 4-feet cabinets, pianos, safes or other extra-large items.


There you have it, 4 simple steps to a more sustainable and eco CNY!  Have a happy and earth-friendly  Lunar New Year!