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Discovering CCK Town: Yay, Let’s Play!

Time for an Adventure!

A Day in the Life of …

Indulge Your Imagination

Albert Einstein once said: “Play is the highest form of research”. So what better place and way to indulge in the best form of “research” than at many of the fascinating playgrounds found in CCK Town?

In this three-parter series, we take you to playgrounds that stir your imagination and unleash new creative power.

For the young and young-at-heart, what are you waiting for?


Time for an Adventure!

Let your child’s curiosity and spirit of exploration take over this December holiday. Conquer these playgrounds which are perfect for an adventure. We show you where in the last of our three-parter on the wonderful places you can play in CCK Town.

Not only can children get their daily dose of Vitamin D through outdoor play, but they can also improve their eyesight at the same time. Studies have shown that at least 2 hours a day spent outdoors reduces the risk of myopia significantly.

Why not set out now for a tree-mendous time?

A Day in the Life of …

Role-playing games are great for improving children’s creativity and helping them develop problem-solving skills.

Discover your very own “Kidzania” in your backyard where your kids can play their favourite characters and roles. Check these out during the school holidays!

Indulge Your Imagination

Kick off your explorations in CCK Town and join us to embark on a journey of make-believe. Be adventurous and conquer air, sea and land, we have got you all covered!

Toot toot! Ship Ahoy! Time to take-off!