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Keep Corridors Clear & Safe

Our corridors and common areas are spaces that we share with our neighbours.

Let’s keep our common areas safe and liveable for everyone by reducing clutter and keeping a clear passageway in the corridors.

In doing so, we:

  • Make our homes pleasant and safe
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Prevent pests and
  • Facilitate easy movement.


Unnecessary clutter in common areas not only poses a potential fire hazard but may also hamper evacuation during emergencies, as recent fire incidents have shown.

Benefits of decluttering:

1.Cleaner air & lower risk of asthma or allergies

Dust, mites, mould and mildew can accumulate on your clutter, which directly affects the quality of the air you are breathing in, potentially triggering asthma or allergies. Less clutter, less dust, cleaner air. It’s as simple as that!


2. Reduces stress

Studies have shown that when people walk into a cluttered environment, the levels of their stress hormones (cortisol) increase rapidly. Put simply, clutter causes anxiety.


3. Sharper mind

Decluttering your work and living spaces help your brain focus better, according to research by Princeton University. Clutter competes for your attention, so when you have an organised environment, you are able to concentrate better on the tasks at hand.


As a caring community, we can all play a part in ensuring a healthy, positive and attractive living environment for everyone.

Let’s join hands to do our bit to keep our living environment pleasant and safe!


*Residents who need help with the removal of bulky items, please contact CCK Town Council at 6559 0388 to book a time and date at least 3 days in advance. This is a complimentary service provided by the Town Council. Each HDB household can request for the removal of up to 3 bulky items per month*.

* Please note that the service is strictly not applicable for house moving purposes and/or for renovation debris.