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Love Where You Live: Home is Where the Heart is

When asked to share their fondest memories in town, it is invariably the wonderful times spent with family and friends that our residents cherish most.

In our recent What We Love in CCK Town poll, three residents touched the judges with their stories and won the bonus prize of $80 NTUC vouchers each.

The winners reveal what they love about CCK Town here:

Hay there!

For Keat Hong resident Wong Suat Li, the quieter surroundings and rustic pace of life in CCK Town convinced her and her husband to purchase a resale flat and move to this side of Singapore in 2012.

Suat Li’s fondest memories were spending weekends as a young family exploring the last of Singapore’s ‘countryside’ in places like Hay Dairies, a goat farm, and other nearby vegetable farms.

The mother-of-two in her 40s said: “Those trips were filled with laughter, discovery, and a sense of wonder. We loved watching our children marvel at the goats as they learnt about where vegetables and milk came from.

“I remember us walking through the farm fields togther, hand in hand. I have many cherished moments of us bonding amidst beautiful nature. These memories hold a special place in our hearts and remind us of the precious time we shared as a family in our beloved town.”

Exploring farms, like Hay Dairies, with her sons (aged 2 and 4 here) were among Keat Hong resident Suat Li’s fondest memories in CCK Town.

Now that the boys have grown older, ages 12 and 14 this year, the family continues to enjoy the many attractions the town offers. For example, SAFRA Choa Chu Kang is a regular haunt where they swim, play badminton, bowl and hit the gym.

They also visit the Keat Hong Community Club for various community activities and take long strolls or cycle along the nearby Park Connector Network.

Suat Li, who works in community health, said: “One of the unique characteristics of CCK Town that we appreciate is its good mix of modern amenities and green spaces. This balance allows us to enjoy a variety of activities, from shopping at Lot One Shopper’s Mall to picnics at Choa Chu Kang Park. The accessibility of these diverse options makes CCK Town an ideal place for families to live and thrive.”

Even for visitors, Suat Li said, the variety of experiences, both urban and rural, make the town an ideal place to spend time in. They could enjoy a taste of nature at the nearby Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or the urban conveniences of the malls and other facilities.

She concluded: “We love living in CCK Town and have many special memories here. It’s a place that has something for everyone. That’s what makes it special for every member of my family.”

A place to learn & grow

Bukit Gombak Sports Hall has always been and remains the “most happening” place in town to 19-year-old Wang Yixuan.

The Bukit Gombak resident who’s waiting to matriculate in university said the time she spent learning badminton and competing there shaped her into who she is today. It taught her perseverance, resilience, and grit.

A 9-year-old Yixuan at one of her regular weekend training sessions.

Even though Yixuan’s family moved into Bukit Gombak only when she was 13, she started travelling to Bukit Gombak Sports Hall for weekly Saturday badminton training sessions when she was six.

For her, those training sessions were not just about learning the ins and outs of the sport but also about forging connections with fellow badminton enthusiasts and forming lasting friendships that endured to this day.

Yixuan (front, right) with fellow shuttlers from the Saturday private training sessions after last year’s National School games finals and prize-giving ceremony.

She used to gaze at Little Guilin’s beautiful scenery on the bus ride into town, never realising that one day, she would be living in an apartment with a front-row seat to that breathtaking view.

Badminton accompanied her through her school journey, leading her to join the school team in her primary and secondary schools and junior college.

She added: “It was also a place of fond memories with my family, a place where my parents watched me train, a place where my grandfather brought me snacks made by my grandmother, and where he watched me compete before taking me home.”

Yixuan (in yellow, on left) represented her school in the National School Games 2016.

Even though she no longers plays for her school, she has been able to continue her badminton journey, also thanks to Bukit Gombak Sports Hall. She stumbled across a residents’ group on social media organising regular play sessions there.

When asked about what had changed in the hall since she started playing there, she said the floor had been improved to provide more grip, and the running track had extended its operating hours, which was a godsend to people like Yixuan with busy schedules.

The sports hall is currently undergoing renovation, which means a temporary break from playing for Yixuan. However, she is looking forward to playing in better and brighter courts with her friends and residents. Keep the games going, Yixuan!

Court of memories

This badminton court (pictured below) lies at the foot of Brickland resident BS Chern’s flat and is also the spot in CCK Town dearest to his heart.

He and his wife spent most of their time here playing with their two daughters more than 30 years ago. They had moved in after collecting the keys to their BTO flat in 1993 when their older daughter was still a baby.

“Back then, it had a rough, grey cement surface, not this nice green-and-red painted flooring,” said the 62-year-old retiree.

Here, the Cherns played badminton and games such as ‘eagles catching chicks’ and the one-legged race. The girls also cycled around on their tricycles.

They used to spend at least an hour here once or twice a week, especially on weekends. Mrs Chern would wave at them from their flat above to signal it was time to go home for dinner.

The Cherns’s view of the badminton court from their flat.

Asked why he picked the humble badminton court, Mr Chern replied: “It was the carefree fun we regularly had there that made the court endearing. The memories we created there as a family have endured through the years.”

The Chern daughters, aged 29 and 31, still remninisce with their parents about all their fun at the court.

Mr Chern added: “There wasn’t much social media or computer games back then to distract my children, so we spent lots of time playing outdoors and bonded over all these activities at the badminton court.”

Today, Mr Chern said the same court is often filled with shrieks of laughter as younger families have a whale of time there. It now has better lighting compared to the past and feels airier.

“We appreciate such facilities which provide a safe space for children and families to spend bonding time together,” concluded Mr Chern.