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My One & Only Superhero is My Dad

Fathers are awesome! And for those with magical uplifting powers , we call them Superhero Dads!

In the outpouring of tributes received for CCK Town’s Father’s Day contest, we found out all about how dads could “scold”, and yet fix things and inspire.

Let’s find out from the three winners — who have each won an outdoor family photo shoot— what lies behind their dads’ superhero capes.


The Fitness Partner Dad 

Jiayee Tan (Hong Kah North)

Jiayee with her dad, Kent, on a hiking trail during a family holiday to Korea several years ago.

Jiayee Tan’s dad, Kent, is a hiking enthusiast, so whenever the Tans travel overseas, they will try to include a hiking excursion in their tour.

While at home in Singapore, the family will make time at least once every weekend to take a walk together, whether it is to the scenic Bukit Batok Nature Park or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in CCK Town.

Jiayee, 23, said she and her older sister have always been close to their dad. He is a hands-on person who would always be there to help them with projects and teach them simple DIY skills such as fixing toilets or changing light bulbs.

As a kid, Jiayee found having to learn such tasks a chore as they were “dirty and troublesome”. However, as she grew older, she began to appreciate these valuable lessons. As a result, she is now independent and self-sufficient, and does not need to rely on others for such basic tasks.

Since they can’t venture overseas due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jiayee and her dad have been hiking and exploring Singapore together.

Highlights from Jiayee’s tribute to dad, Kent Tan:

Since young, whenever I was afraid, you’d tell me there is nothing to fear, and you would always have my back when I fall. Whenever I doubted myself, you’d always tell me to give it a try and challenge myself.

Thank you for always encouraging me to scale greater heights and to be a better version of myself.


The “Fiercely” Fun-Loving Dad 

Eason Lau (Bukit Gombak)

From left: Eason and Efaye with their parents, Sally and Michael, enjoying the infinity pool during a staycation at Marina Bay Sands. Photo taken pre-Covid-19.

With his dad working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Eason has been spending more time with him — and getting nagged at more often for spending too much time watching YouTube videos rather than on schoolwork.

Hence, the 11-year-old cheekily said he and his younger sister, Efaye, 8, love it best when his dad has to go to work in the office.

Though his dad can be very fierce, Eason said his dad also loves to make them laugh with his jokes. He is also their ‘current affairs advisor’. He makes sure they are kept abreast of global developments by sharing with them the news he reads.

One of their favourite places to take a walk, jog or cycle is Bukit Gombak Nature Park, which is literally in the Laus’ backyard. They often do cool things together, like catch grasshoppers in the park.

Another favourite haunt of the outdoorsy family is Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve in the north of the town. There, the children love “hunting” for crocodiles, birds and other insects.

Highlights from Eason’s tribute to dad, Michael Lau

 During this pandemic, we got to spend more time with our Papa, but as a result, we also received more scolding from him. He has this amazing ‘skill’ where with just a glance, he can make us start tearing.

Our Papa may be fierce but we still think he is the best dad because he is also the person who makes us LOL and protects us. He teaches us a lot about life and is loving towards our mama. It  makes us feel so warm and loved in our home sweet home.


The Best Playmate Dad 

Megan Oh (Keat Hong)

Some of the favourite activities Megan gets up to with her dad include jogging and playing at Choa Chu Kang Park, eating and shopping at Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall and jogging at Bukit Gombak Stadium.

The 8-year-old Megan says her dad is the coolest man she has ever known because he loves her, protects her and fixes her toys (as well as other things in the house). He also helps her with her homework, cheers her up with a joke whenever she is feeling down, and listens to her stories.

He can always be counted on as her Pokemon playmate.

Her photo poster entry was inspired by what she saw on YouTube, and she participated in the contest because she loves taking photos.

Highlights from Megan’s tribute to her dad, Max

Daddy is my superhero. He tells me a joke when(ever) I feel sad. He is my inspiration.

Megan’s photo poster entry – with her dad, Max.