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Our Top Cleaners in CCK Town

Thank you, cleaners, for your Hard Work!

Kudos to all residents who supported the Appreciate Our Cleaners 2023 awards with your outpouring of accolades and recognition of our cleaners’ efforts.

Congratulations to our 13 well-deserving estate cleaners who have won the 2023 Top 10 Cleaners of CCK award, as well as the 3 new categories for the Most Hardworking Cleaner, the Most Caring Cleaner and My Favourite Cleaner.

Residents who nominated the cleaners share why they deserve to win:

Our Top 10 Cleaners of CCK Town

Robin Mohammad (Bukit Gombak)

Resident Marianne Pereira said: “Mr Robin takes pride in his work and has been exemplary in giving us his immediate attention whenever the need arose.

“One incident stood out for me. Some workers from the undertakers had broken a large carpark stone slab accidentally when setting up the awning at Block 507. They did not do anything about the damage, oblivious that it might cause a fractured leg or two if any resident tripped over it. 

“Realising the danger, I called Mr Robin for help. He turned up in a matter of minutes even though he was in another area. He knew where to find another stone slab and was able to use it to close the gaping hole neatly.

“Nobody noticed or thanked him for his effort. I am grateful to Mr Robin for fixing this problem even though it was not his job to do so.”

Peh Cheng Swee (Keat Hong)

Resident Chui Shoong Hee said: “Mr Peh Cheng Swee is friendly and so hardworking that he is already hard at work when I head out for my daily morning walk at 6.45am. I think he works 7 days a week (including on public holidays!) because even on the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya public holidays, he can be spotted clearing away the bulky items that had been discarded around the blue recycling bin on the eve of these festive occasions.

“He once saw me trying to move a big old sofa from my home for bulky disposal pick-up and volunteered to help.“

Ali Md Eman (Keat Hong)

Mr Ali Md Eman (in red and grey uniform) with Aisha’s husband, Sufi (left), and their children Sara, Sofia and Umar (right).

Resident Aisha said: “Mr Ali never fails to greet my family whenever we bump into him, and no matter what assistance we need, from moving heavy furniture to disposing of big items, he will always be there to assist too.

“Rain or shine, Ali can be found carrying out his duties at our block whenever we see him. This really strikes a chord with my children as they can see that he works very hard to earn a living in Singapore. They really love him and respect him a lot.

“We hope he can win this and be rewarded. Even if he doesn’t, we would like to present him with a small token of our appreciation too!”

Bepari Rejaul (Hong Kah North)

Resident Ong Chee Eng said: “Mr Bepari Rejaul is very hardworking and he keeps my block super clean. I remember that once, my neighbour spilt plant soil on the corridor floor at night. And the next morning when I left my home, I saw that the mess was gone and cleaned up by Mr Bepari.

“I really appreciate his effort and whenever I meet him during the monthly block washing, I would treat him to some biscuits and drink as a token of my appreciation.”

Hamsah bin Talib (CCK estate)

Resident Nurul Aizat Binte Zainuddin said: “Mr Hamsah makes my day by greeting me whenever I see him. One day, when I was gardening at the community garden and he gave me some tips and advice on gardening.”

Lee Chee Wai (Brickland)

Resident Lim Wei Qiang, Nicholas said: “Thank you, Uncle Lee, for always being there to clean our neighbourhood in the wee hours of the morning. We appreciate all the efforts that you put in to keep our block clean.”

Miah Alamin (CCK estate)

Resident Sim Li Li said: “Mr Miah is a very hardworking and friendly cleaner. Anytime you ask him for help, he will be sure to help.

“There was once I sought his help to move a spoilt washing machine from my home. He just said ‘okay’ and followed me to give me a hand. “I always see him driving his truck around the estate till very late, moving the bulky items that had been improperly thrown downstairs.”

Ng Teng Siak (Brickland)

Resident Hong Chang Bin said: “Uncle Ng will always greet us ‘good morning’. Once, he offered to help me fix the brakes of my children’s bicycle. He is so warm and kind.”

Tan Kin Chiok (CCK estate)

Resident Hani Ng Binte Yusof Abdullah said: “Uncle Tan is a very friendly and hardworking person. He will start work as early as 5am by sweeping our estate, level by level. He makes sure all the corridors are clean.”

Uddin Main (Hong Kah North)

Mr Uddin Main (in grey polo tee) with Azfar Ijaz, Azmina and Arunkumar Tulasi (from left to right) .

Resident Dhivya Chockalingam said: “Mr Uddin always has a smile on his face and does his job well in a quiet manner.

“During the monthly block cleaning, he even takes care of our plants by ensuring that they are protected from the cleaning jet spray and puts our shoes into the shoe racks before washing the floor… He has become my daughter’s favourite cleaner.”

To honour cleaners who go the extra mile, above and beyond their regular cleaning duties, three new award categories have been introduced his year. Here are the winners:

The Most Caring Cleaner

Husain Arif (Hong Kah North)

Resident Vanessa Kong said: “Mr Husain is always hard at work, yet he has a cheerful attitude and always takes time to greet residents with a smile. My son is especially happy to spot him and say hello in the mornings!

“A few months ago, there was a fire in one of the units in our block. It was already late in the evening when we returned home, but we saw him heading up to that unit with cleaning equipment. When I asked him if he was tired, he merely replied that it was important to clean up the place quickly so that the affected residents could return to their home again soon.

“Thank you so much for keeping our neighbourhood so clean, Mr Husain. We see and appreciate all your hard work!”

The Most Hardworking Cleaner

Hossain Mohammad Ismail (Keat Hong)

Nominator J. Sutarsan said: “Mr Hossain, you are a dedicated estate cleaner. I give my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional work you do in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of our estate. Your dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for all that you do.

“Your tireless efforts in keeping our estate clean and tidy are evident in every corner of our neighbourhood. Your attention to detail, meticulousness and professionalism have made a significant impact on the overall look and feel of our community.

“Every time I call you for help, be it rain or shine, day or night, or public holiday, your humble answer would be, ‘Sir, I will be there in 10 minutes.’ And you would arrive on your bicycle with a smiling face.

“You always take pride in your work and ensure that every nook and cranny in our estate is spotless, creating an environment that we are proud to call our home. Your commitment to excellence is an inspiration to other estate cleaners. We are incredibly fortunate to have you as our estate worker.

“Thank you for all that you do. Your work is integral to the success of our community, and we are incredibly grateful for your contributions.”

My Favourite Cleaner

Hossen Anwar (Hong Kah North)

Resident Geetha Subramanim said: “Since the day I moved into the estate, I have found Mr Anwar to be dedicated to his job. Whenever I approach him for help to discard things, he would acknowledge my request with a smile, no matter how tired he is.

“Even at 10pm, I can see him clearing the rubbish near the lift lobby. He makes sure the area is clean before he retires for the day. Rain or shine, I can see him working. He doesn’t find excuses to not work.

“I really appreciate his service and take my hat off to his dedication. Thank you, Mr Anwar! Good job.”

All our 13 winning cleaners will receive a $60 NTUC FairPrice voucher each, and their resident nominators will get a $20 NTUC FairPrice voucher each.

Thank you, residents, for your nominations, and for putting up your Ribbon of Thanks.

Here’s a round-up of some ribbons that went up in May.

CCK Town’s PCF Sparkletot preschoolers showed their gratitude & appreciation for the cleaners with their colourful & personal Ribbons of Thanks display.