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Residents’ Enthusiastic Nominations Make
Appreciate Our Cleaners Week a Success

CCK Town Council’s inaugural Appreciate Our Cleaners Week was an overwhelming success, thanks to our residents’ enthusiastic response. We received over 80 nominations appreciating the cleaners for their effort and hard work.

CCK Town Council chairman Low Yen Ling said: “We are greatly heartened by our residents’ support and nominations. They took the time and effort to write words of appreciation for our estate cleaners, our quiet heroes who have been doing the essential task of keeping our estates clean.

“This shows that our residents are thankful for the hard work the cleaners have put in. What is even more heart-warming is the fact that a number of residents wish to offer their prizes to the nominated cleaners as well.”

In view of the residents’ keen support of their nominated cleaners, Ms Low said the Town Council will expand the number of prizes to be awarded.

Beyond the 10 prizes of $50 cash voucher for each winning cleaner, all other 72 nominated cleaners will receive a $20 cash voucher, along with a letter of appreciation.

10 residents with best nominations of the winning cleaners also receive a $30 cash voucher each.


10 Winning Cleaners & Their Exemplary Acts of Service 

Alias Bin Wahid (Chua Chu Kang)

“Mr Alias Bin Wahid is friendly and positive, and very diligent in his work. He also keeps a look out for our kids when they play at the void decks and common areas. We are always happy to see him on our way home.” — nominated by Keung Xi Zhen

Alias Bin Wahid (Chua Chu Kang)

“2 years ago, my son was at the void deck bouncing a basketball when it accidentally rolled into the drain at the carpark. Mr Anamul was nearby and quickly came over to help my son retrieve the ball. We are grateful to him for going the extra mile to help us. It might be something small, but his kindness in reaching out to help others leaves an indelibly good impression.” — nominated by Luda Polujnikoff

Hasan Mahedi (Hong Kah North)

“I’d like to thank Mr Mahedi for his diligence in maintaining our block’s cleanliness. I’d mentioned to him only once to clean the railings of my block (whenever he does the block washing) because they are always covered with dust. Since then, he would do that without fail.” — nominated by Ong Chee Eng

Mafuz (Keat Hong)

“Even though there is a language barrier between us, Mafuz would respond as soon as we reached out to him for help or whenever we highlighted a specific area to clean. He is patient and would respond without fail or any expectation of reward.” — nominated by Lee Yen Soon

Mohd Azmi (Hong Kah North)

“I have seen Azmi cycle around the estate, picking up rubbish along the way… During my Stay Home Notice, he was kind enough to go the extra mile to pick up the rubbish I left outside my door every day.” — nominated by James Cheng

Ong Chin Hing (Keat Hong)

“The common space outside my unit looks even cleaner than my home! … On certain days, the (lift lobby area) will be filled with clutter by inconsiderate residents. My heart goes out to Mr Ong as he has to clean up the mess created by ungracious residents. Without Mr Ong, my block will have to live in a dirty and unhygienic environment.” — nominated by Lee Kaixin

Salam & Nasir Khan (Bukit Gombak)



“Besides ensuring our estate is well taken care of by working long hours, I have witnessed both gentlemen going the extra mile, especially during (last year’s) Circuit Breaker period, where they painstakingly applied disinfectant on all the high touch points, sometimes late into the evening, from 1 elevator to another. This was on top of their routine such as sweeping the floors, clearing the rubbish, clearing fallen leaves, etc.” — nominated by Lau Pong Kiat

Jamadi Bin Meron (Brickland)

“I really appreciate Uncle Jamadi’s work as without him, our blocks would be dirty. Every morning as early as 5am, I would see him start his task of cleaning our area (sweeping etc). He is friendly too, we would exchange greetings whenever we bump into each other.” – nominated by Nur Atikah

Wong Yow (Bukit Batok)

“Even on Sunday, which is a rest day, I see (Mr Wong) walking around the common areas below the block to clear unsightly trash left by residents if he comes across them.” — nominated by Nyoe Teng Choon

Look out for stories on some of these winners coming your way!