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Take a Ride on the Sustainability Train — Coming to Your Void Deck

What is this pair of old MRT seats (pictured above) doing in the void deck of Block 252, Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2? It is your chance to take a ride on the train of sustainability!

These are the first community seats upcycled from retired MRT trains installed in Brickland estate this November. In the coming months, residents can look forward to another 17 sets of these seats to gradually make their journey across CCK Town and into your void deck.

(From left to right) Lim Yi En Eaden, Alisha Zafrah, Muhammad Salim and Klaudia Chong excitedly showing off the new community seat.
Together with 80 excited preschoolers from PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Brickland 807C, Brickland MP Don Wee unveiled the first pair of upcycled MRT seats as part of CCK Town’s sustainability efforts (pictured above).

The children were all geared up to “ride the train” and learn more about upcycling. They found out that old MRT train parts such as the passenger seats and metal handrails are not easily recyclable and would have to be thrown away.

Hence, the Action for Green Towns collaboration between SMRT and 15 PAP Town Councils has gotten together to “rescue” some 14,400kg of reinforced plastics, metals and other hard-to-recycle materials from Singapore’s only landfill, Pulau Semakau, which is expected to be full by 2035.

The entire project is expected to upcycle at least 1,500 MRT seats into community seats at void decks as well as other communal areas. Another 1,400 handrails will be repurposed as safety handrails for less mobile residents.

About 900 intercom panels and LED light covers found in trains will also be transformed into plant holders for use in community green gardens.

Are you ready to give the new community seats the thumbs-up like Muhammad Salim, Klaudia Chong and MP Don Wee (pictured below)?

Snap and share a shot of yourself on our “sustainability train” to show your support for a greener CCK Town. 

Make your action count!

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