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Thank You Uncles & Aunties for Your Hard Work,
say PCF Sparkletots Kids to Estate Cleaners

Hopping to the children’s encouragement, estate cleaner Mia Nonyo gingerly balanced himself on one leg and made his way across the hopscotch course before finally reaching the dustbin to throw his trash.

Then cheers erupted! Uncle Nonyo, whom the PCF Sparkletots pre-schoolers addressed as uncle to show respect, successfully tackled his first hopscotch game.

On 21 April, instead of spending their morning cleaning their respective blocks, estate cleaners Mia Nonyo and Islam Tarikul joined a group of Kindergarten 2 kids from PCF Sparkletots @ Chua Chua Kang Blk 123 for their learning activities.

Through the games of hopscotch, snakes & ladders and maze, which were set out at Block 123, Teck Whye Lane, the children learnt about the importance of not littering.

They also got to play teachers for the day as they taught Uncle Nonyo how to play hopscotch.

Little reporters interviewing Uncle Islam about his job as an estate cleaner in CCK Town.

Pretending to be little reporters, the children got a chance to interview Uncle Islam about his job and learnt more about e-waste and proper e-waste disposal from CCK Town’s e-waste PRS (Producer Responsibility Scheme) operator, ALBA E-Waste Smart Recycling Pte Ltd (ALBA).

To reinforce their learning, ALBA sponsored 40 sets of board games on eco-friendly activities to be given to the children at PCF Sparkletots @ Chua Chua Kang Blk 123.

The activities on 21 April were jointly organised by PCF Sparkletots @ Chua Chua Kang Blk 123 and CCK Town Council under the auspices of the town’s Appreciate Our Cleaners Week.

Rounding off the fun-filled morning, the children presented Uncle Islam and Uncle Nonyo with a handmade mask lanyard each.

A total of 70 lanyards were lovingly handmade by the children of the Teck Whye branch to be given as tokens of appreciation to estate cleaners.

Besides giving the children a chance to play their part in recognising and appreciating the hard work of the cleaners in the estate, Centre Principal Rahimah Rahwi said: “This initiative is aligned with PCF’s aim of inculcating in our children important values such as gratefulness, empathy and civic-mindedness. This is also a valuable opportunity for us to raise awareness and teach the children about the importance of recycling, sustainability and proper waste disposal.”