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$uper $aving Tips for a Greener Earth & Happier Wallet

Power Up Your $avings

Hacks to Cut Your Water Bill

Recycle Today & Save More for Tomorrow

In this new three-parter series, we bring you tips on how to save Mother Earth (and some money) by recycling & conserving water and energy.

Use less resources now to leave more for future generations!

Take Part in Our Latest Eco-Contest

Snap a photo and share with us how you save money & the environment through recycling or by conserving water or energy.

The most clever, useful or creative ways win a prize!

3 prizes are up for grabs.

  1. First prize is a HP Envy 6020 All-printer
  2. Second prize is a HP Deskjet 2722e printer
  3. Consolation prize is a HP Pavilion Wayfarer Backpack


Send your photo to with your full name, address, mobile number and email.

Accompany your photo entry with a line or more (no word limit!) to tell us how you saved $ and the environment too.

For example, you can show us how you use your Bloobox or set up your home recycling corner or snap a picture of the water-saving nozzle on your taps. Send as many entries or photos as you wish!

Contest closes on 23 July 2023!

See Terms & Conditions here.

Power Up Your $savings

Did you know you can save $40 to $120 every year by using more energy-efficient fridges, LED lights and water heaters?

Adopt these tips to conserve energy and save $$.

The more ticks the merrier your $avings 

Aircon – Save $300 a year on your power bills with a 5-tick aircon instead of a 2-tick one.

Fridge – Switch from a 2-tick refrigerator to one with 4 ticks and save $59 a year.

Water heater – Save an additional $124 a year by remembering to turn off your storage water heater quickly after use.

Switch to a gas water heater and save an additional $190 compared to an electric water storage heater, or $110 compared to an electric instant water heater.


Clever ways to cool and $ave! 

Save $386* a year by cooling down your room using the aircon and switching to the fan after a while.

Or rely on fans to cool your home and save $441 a year! Did you know the energy used by one aircon can power 11 fans?


Use your climate vouchers 

Switch to energy-saving appliances now to shave off those bills.

Households (1-, 2- and 3-HDB roomers) can use vouchers provided under the Climate-Friendly Household Programme from NEA and PUB to buy different energy-efficient appliances. Claim and use your climate vouchers before they expire on 31 December 2023.

Get more power $aving tips from the National Environment Agency here.

*All calculations are based on electricity cost of $0.299 per kWh of electricity.


Hacks to Cut Your Water Bill

Water is one of Singapore’s most precious resources, so we need to make every drop count.

In this second of our three-part series, we share some hacks to save water and cut the water bill.

Did you know that if you can reduce your water usage from the average of 140 litres per person per day to 130 litres per person* per day, you could shave at least 7% off your water bill?


Simply remember W-A-T-E-R !

*PUB’s Make Every Drop Count  

W is for washing clothes on a full load

About 15% of our daily water usage in a household is used for washing clothes. So why not start the washer only when you have a full load?

You can save up to 40 litres of water every day, or 288 litres of water every week.

Using a more water-efficient washing machine can gain further savings. A washer that is rated four ticks can save up to 27 litres of water per wash, compared to a three-tick washer.

So, look out for those ticks to save, when you buy a washing machine.

is for always using half flush where possible

Did you know that flushing the toilet bowl accounts for 17% of our daily water consumption?

Using a half-flush instead of a full flush each time saves you 1.5 litres of water per flush.

T is for turning off the shower when soaping

Showering is the biggest water guzzler in our homes, sucking up almost a third of the water used daily.

By just turning off the shower when soaping, you can save up to 27 litres of water each day.

You can double your savings by getting a water-efficient shower head which reduces water flow without sacrificing performance.

If you haven’t done so, request for your free PUB water-saving kit here. The kit consists of a set of thimbles that help to regulate flow rates from your taps and showerheads.

Also, make sure you fix leaks whenever you spot them because just losing a drop of water a second can amount to 4 litres of water wasted every day.

E is for ensuring the tap is off when brushing teeth

Did you know the bathroom tap that we use for handwashing and brushing teeth guzzles up to 12% of the water used every day?

Just keeping the tap off when you are brushing your teeth will save you up to 23 litres of water every day. That can fill up 153 mugs for rinsing your mouth.

R is for rinsing vegetables in a container

Extending these habits to the kitchen, which accounts for 16% of our daily water usage, will save you another 33 litres of water every day. Simply use a container to rinse fruits and vegetables instead of washing them under running water.

If you have plants at home, you can also reuse the water used for washing and rinsing rice, fruits and vegetables to water your plants.

And by washing dishes in a filled sink instead of letting the tap run, you save a further 28 litres! This translates into 15.5 kettles of water.  

Every little drop counts. By taking the above small steps, you not only save precious water but save big on water bills too!  



Recycle Today & Save More for Tomorrow

Have you collected your Bloobox, the free home recycling bin, given by the National Environment Agency (NEA)?

Recycling begins at home. It doesn’t take much to embark on a greener lifestyle.

Did you know that recycling helps to reduce prices of raw materials for manufacturing, which in turn helps keep prices low for consumers?

For example, making soft drink cans using recycling aluminium saves 95% more energy compared to making them from virgin metal ore.


Simply set up your own home recycling corner with the free NEA-issued Bloobox & you are on your way to helping Singapore achieve our national target of 70% overall recycling rate by 2030!

Choose a convenient location in your home for your Bloobox. For most people, that sweet spot tends to be next to the trash bin (see above).

The Bloobox can hold up to about 5kg of recyclables. Once it is full, place the items collected into the blue recycling bin downstairs or toss them into the recycling chute in your estate.

Choose a convenient location in your home for your Bloobox. For most people, that sweet spot tends to be next to the trash bin (see above).

The Bloobox can hold up to about 5kg of recyclables. Once it is full, place the items collected into the blue recycling bin downstairs or toss them into the recycling chute in your estate.

Here are 5 green tips on how to maximise the Bloobox:

  1. Your Bloobox does not need to be “fed”. Food or food-stained wrappers/containers are a strict no-no.
  2. Instead, feed Bloobox paper, plastic, glass and metal. Just make sure you rinse & dry them before tossing them in.
  3. Separate your e-waste. Those need to be placed into the standalone e-waste bin in your estate.
  4. Always flatten cardboard boxes so you can fit more items into your bin.
  5. Bloobox can be washed & reused. When it cannot be used anymore, simply fold it up & drop it off into the blue recycling bin.


See here for more tips on what can and cannot be recycled.

Follow these tips and you won’t go wrong!