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‘We Love You, Uncle Ong & Uncle Jamadi’

Did you know that Keat Hong and Brickland estates have hidden gems? They are much-loved by many residents there.

Uncle Ong Chin Hing and Uncle Jamadi Bin Meron are our estate cleaners who have become old friends to residents in the precincts they serve.

Uncle Ong’s work is so thorough that even visitors to Keat Hong have noticed how clean it is, and envy residents for having Uncle Ong take care of them.

Uncle Jamadi, on the other hand, is well-loved by the littlest residents in Brickland. 

Going the Extra Mile and Beyond

Uncle Ong, who has served Keat Hong residents faithfully for the past 13 years, has been ill and away from work in recent weeks. Residents say the cleaner, whose dedication to his work is well-known in the estate, has been sorely missed.

Uncle Ong has been taking care of Keat Hong for the past 13 years, and residents say they are lucky to have him.

The popular estate cleaner in his 70s received the most nominations for CCK Town’s inaugural Appreciate Our Cleaner campaign.

Resident Lee Kaixin, who nominated Uncle Ong, said she has known him for more than a decade, since she moved into the estate. She admires the way the quiet cleaner is meticulous in his work.

“He will sweep each and every corner of the common space outside my unit such that it looks even cleaner than inside my home!” she laughingly said.

As someone who is rather shy herself, Kaixin said the Town Council’s campaign to appreciate cleaners gave her an opportunity to express her heartfelt gratitude for Uncle Ong.

Another nominator, Tan Pheck Luang, is not even a resident of Keat Hong, but is so impressed by Uncle Ong that he felt compelled to put in a good word for him.

Pheck Luang, who often visits his granddaughter in Keat Hong, said the thoughtful and caring cleaner would always remind residents to take extra care when walking on the wet floor after he has mopped it.

Not only does Uncle Ong clean the common areas on the ground floor, but he also goes the extra mile to sweep the corridor of every floor. Pheck Luang added: “The way he sweeps is like a person taking care of his own house, not missing any corner or space. I envy the residents living in the blocks under his care. They are lucky to have the best cleaner taking care of them.”

As Uncle Ong has not been well recently, he has not been at work and could not be interviewed for this article.

Residents hope that Uncle Ong will get well soon!


A Hit with the Kids

Brickland, on the other hand, has a ‘kid magnet’ who is none other than the friendly estate cleaner Uncle Jamadi.

Children at the nearby PCF Sparkletots preschool greet him “good morning” or “selamat pagi” without fail whenever they meet him.

They love to chit chat with him and show him their art and crafts. Their parents do not hurry them, giving the preschoolers plenty of time to interact with the 65-year-old.

Some parents will even buy extra snacks to offer to him when they pick up their children from the preschool. Often, Uncle Jamadi also has children waiting patiently to give him fruit or drinks whenever he goes by their homes on his duty rounds.


The father of three grown kids said he doesn’t know the ‘magic’ behind his popularity with the youngest residents. He said it could be because he smiles at the children whenever they walk to school, and they see him as a friendly and familiar figure in the neighbourhood.

After working as a cleaner for a condominium for over a decade, Uncle Jamadi started working for CCK Town Council in the last 1.5 years. He said he enjoys working in HDB estates because of the increased interactions he has with the residents and their children. They make him feel like he‘s part of Brickland estate.

It especially warms his heart when residents get their children to greet him whenever they meet him. He’s touched by their attention and respect, something cleaners like him really treasure.

Resident Nur Atikah, who nominated him, said Uncle Jamadi starts work as early as around 5am. The cheery and affable cleaner will always greet her when they meet.

She appreciates how hard Uncle Jamadi works to give residents like her a pleasant living environment. Not wanting to take his contributions for granted, Nur Atikah is happy that Uncle Jamadi has been recognised by the Town Council’s award and hopes that it will be a constant encouragement to him in his work.

Brickland resident QB Wong and her 2-year-old son Kai He with Uncle Jamadi. Kai He is one of the many children in the estate who love saying hi to the friendly cleaner.